Benefits of our partners

As a customer, you benefit from various advantages that enable us to offer the full service within the buying and selling market of physical precious metals. This partnership includes our brands Inkoop Edelmetaal and Edelmetaal Beheer Nederland.

Inkoop Edelmetaal
The partnership with Inkoop Edelmetaal allows us to offer a unique buy-back guarantee of all the precious metals you buy at us. This means that you can offer your precious metals to us at any time and sell it at fixed formulas in relation to the then applicable gold and silver price. We always buy, regardless of the volume you sell and regardless of the gold or silver price. 

Our entire purchasing process is focused on a fast handling and payment. 24 hours a day you can see our bid prices and place an selling order. You have the option to bring the precious metals to our office in Baarn or send them to us by post (insured by us). After checking the weight and authenticity of your precious metals, we will pay you. We usually pay the amount within 24 hours, by bank or cash. 

Edelmetaal Beheer Nederland
You also have the option of outsourcing all concers regarding the storage of your precious metals. This ensures that your precious metal is protected in the best possible way. The storage at Edelmetaal Beheer Nederland is fully allocated, which means: your property, your name and your own storage space. This means that everything you store at us must be 100% yours - in the form of separate physical product - is kept in its own locked space and can only be claimed by you. 

How does this work?
When you have your precious metals stored at Edelmetaal Beheer Nederland, all stored precious metals are stored separately in a unique numbered seal bag. Your safe deposit box is linked to a single customer account and has a unique insurance policy. Mutations (in or out) always require approval from you as a customer. There can therefore be no question of shared ownership of the physical product that is stored, the physical product must be able to be retrieved by you in its entirety. For example: if you are the owner of one gold bare with several people (such purchases often go through a bullion bank), then storage at Edelmetaal Beheer Nederland is not possible. 

What happens to my precious metals in the event of bankruptcy?
All stored precious metals are emphatically not part of the estate of Edelmetaal Beheer Nederland. They do not appear on the balance sheet and are managed by a foundation appointed for this purpose. In the event of bankruptcy, your storage contract and associated administration will ensure that your stored property will at all times remain free from any attachments in the context of this bankruptcy. 

AFM licensed
Everything in accordance with the legal rules, requirements and duty of care: Edelmetaal Beheer Nederland has a license from the AFM for the insured storage of your precious metals. Periodic checks by an independent accountant also assure you of correct processing of all your transactions.