Buying silver for the first time

If you are interested in buying silver and you have no experience with it, we can advise you about the various options when buying silver.

In principle, silver is seen as a commodity. As a result, the silver bars must be taxed with 21% VAT, which makes it very unfavorable for private individuals to buy silver bars. After all, the silver price must increase by more than 21% to make up for this and you cannot reclaim the VAT.

Silver coins are much more interesting and are traded under the margin scheme. This means that VAT is only included on the trader's profit margin and not on the entire value.

There are many different silver coins for sale. The most common coins are the silver Maple Leaf, Wiener Philharmoniker, and Kangaroo. We recommend that you choose the coin that is the cheapest at the time of purchase. The weight, content, and degree to which it can be easily traded again are identical for all these coins.

Keep in mind that silver is relatively cheap. With a modest amount, you can therefore already buy a large weight of silver. This may entail some practical objections when you want to have the silver stored somewhere, at home, or when you pick up an order at our office.