Storage costs

Edelmetaal Beheer Nederland takes care of the storage of gold, silver and other precious metals (all in the form of coins or bars) from 5,000 euros. We will charge you the custody fee every quarter. These storage costs are calculated based on the average (replacement) value of the precious metal in question. Edelmetaal Beheer Nederland charges storage costs from 0.65 to 0.90% (excluding VAT) on an annual basis. No additional costs are charged, such as entry and exit costs, transaction costs and delivery costs.

Storage fee Precious metal
0,65% Gold
0,90% Silver, platinum & palladium

* Insurance fees included, 21% VAT not included.

Storage in Rotterdam
The location in Rotterdam is the most suitable location for precious metal storage if you want to store your precious metal within easy reach. Your gold, silver, platinum and/or palladium is safely stored in the old bank vaults of the former Hollandsche Bank Unie. For security reasons, you cannot deliver or collect your precious metal here yourself. It is possible to have the precious metal delivered by courier, this is usually arranged within 2-3 working days. Edelmetaal Beheer Nederland does not charge you entry and exit costs and you can send your precious metal to another location, such as your home address, at any time if you wish.

Storage in Zurich
In Zurich we work together with Loomis International. This is the largest party in Europe for the storage of precious metals in secure vaults. The big advantage of Loomis Zurich is that the storage costs here are relatively low due to the economies of scale and that we have an international network of traders here, which allows us to offer or buy back precious metals at low rates.

You can also store VAT-free silver in Zurich. Because the silver is not imported into the Netherlands, you save 21% VAT on your purchase amount. Our storage rates in Switzerland are also significantly lower than comparable solutions in the Netherlands, which means significant annual savings for you.

You can find a complete overview of our online store with VAT-free silver.