Buy-back guarantee

We would like you to inform that The Silver Mountain offers a buy-back guarantee on all coins and bars purchased from us. This means that you can always sell your precious metal to us on fair terms. We work with bid guarantees that are based on the current gold- and silver price at the time of sale (from you, to us). These are fixed formulas that we use, regardless the market conditions and the volume you want to sell. 

Category Bid guarantees
Gold bars 98% of the gold price 
Silver bars 98% of the silver price 
Gold coins 100% of the gold price 
Silver coins 107%* of the silver price 
Dutch coins 95% of the silver price 
Platinum coins 100% of the platinum price 
Palladium coins Offer price on request

* Depending on market conditions, our bid prices may be increased. Our bid price is the best in the Netherlands. 

icon-link.svg For the most up-to-date bid guarantees, we refer you to

Inkoop Edelmetaal, partner of The Silver Mountain

Since 2009, The Silver Mountain is an official partner of Inkoop Edelmetaal. We offer a wide range of options for selling gold and silver. It is possible to sell your bullion at real-time prices linked to gold and silver prices. We are transparent in our processes and buy at any time, regardless of volume or the current rate.