Bid prices

A buy-back guarantee applies for almost all the products that The Silver Mountain sells. This means that you can always offer your precious metal to us and sell it at fixed formulas in relation to the then applicable gold- and silver price. We always buy, regardless of the volume you sell and regardless of the gold or silver price. 

Metal Bidprice
Gold bars 98% of the gold price
Gold coins 100% of the gold price
Silver bars 95% of the silver price
Silver coins 107%* of the silver price
Silver Dutch coins 95% of the silver price
Platinum coins 100% of the platina price
Palladium coins Bid price on request

* Depending on market conditions, we may choose to (temporarily) increase our bid guarantees. 

For the most up-to-date bid guarantees and to sell your precious metals, please check our website You can easily, safely and quickly create a sales order online.

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