Right of withdrawal

We understand that there may be a common misconception regarding the right of withdrawal when making purchases on web shops. Typically, a right of withdrawal allows customers to cancel their purchase within a certain period after receiving the order, without providing a specific reason. While many web shops extend this period to 14 or 30 days, it is important to note that The Silver Mountain operates differently due to the nature of the products being price-related.

In the case of purchases from The Silver Mountain, the concept of the right of withdrawal, as commonly seen in traditional web shops, does not apply. The value of precious metals is subject to fluctuations in financial markets that are beyond the control of the seller, making it legally impractical to exercise a right of withdrawal.

To provide a clearer analogy, purchasing precious metals is akin to buying stocks or cryptocurrencies, where the transaction is immediately binding, and the buyer incurs a payment obligation. If the market value decreases shortly after the purchase, the option to sell back the precious metals at the current price exists, similar to stocks or cryptocurrencies, rather than canceling the initial agreement.

Where can I find this in the general terms and conditions?
Article 2 of our general terms and conditions describes how a purchase is made. In article 6.5 you will find that the right of withdrawal is not valid for purchases linked to fluctuations in the financial markets.