Proof of authenticity

We assure the authenticity of all products offered by The Silver Mountain. Our gold, silver, and platinum are sourced from recognized manufactures such as smelters with a Good Delivery Status. All (new) bars from these manufacturers usually have a serial number and sealed packaging. Due to their good delivery status, these bars can be traded worldwide without futher scrutiny. The investment coins we provide are acquired through official distributors of the largest mints globally, this are official coins with a legal tender status. 

Previous years
Coins from previous years are tested by us for weight, content and condition. A specialized device measures the magnetic reactivity of the coins or bars, as a metal’s magnetism cannot be manipulated. Different metals exhibit unique responses to magnetic fields based on their composition. Precious metals like gold are non-magnetic and weakly repelled by magnets, while common counterfeit materials like tungsten are attracted to magnets. All test objects remain in their packaging and suffer no decrease in value. Gilded objects and counterfeit items are immediately recognized.