Payment in cash or by pin (also anonymously)

When you choose to pick up your order at our office, you can choose between a cash payment or by debit card.

Anonymous purchases
An order can be placed anonymously, we call this a counter sale. If you wish for a counter sale, you will receive an invoice from us without name and address information. You can then make the payment in cash or PIN when you pick it up. Anonymous orders are possible starting from €2500,- and can only be placed by telephone.

Payment in cash
Cash payments (up to a maximum of EUR 10.000, in notes) are possible. If you want to purchase with cash for a higher amount, the possibilities can be discussed by telephone. We may ask you to pay a down payment. Anonymous orders and orders with cash payment methods can only be placed by telephone. A surcharge of 1% applies to cash payments.

Please note: EUR 500 banknotes or coins are not accepted for cash payments. 

Payment by PIN
PIN payments are only possible with a debit card and not with a credit card. Make sure that your pin limit has been increased on time, otherwise you will not be able to make the payment and we will not be able to hand over the order. Adjusting your pin limit has been increased at various banks with a waiting time of up to four hours, so arrange this in time.