Price quote

If you are considering making a larger purchase, you have the option to request a quotation from us. We utilize graduated scales for most commonly traded coins and bars, which means that a larger purchase automatically qualifies for a reduced unit price. Additionally, there may be certain products that we can offer at a lower price than usual. By requesting a quote, we can provide you with detailed information on the various available options.

Quotations that may include an additional discount compared to the prices listed on our website are applicable for purchase amounts starting from EUR 50,000.

To request a quote, simply reach out to us via email, We kindly ask for the following details:

  • Purchase amount
  • Type of customer (private or business)
  • Allocation between gold, silver, or other metals
  • Preferred payment and shipping method (storage, shipping or pick-up)

Please note that our quotations are governed by The Silver Mountain's General Terms and Conditions. Prices are subject to fluctuations based on current exchange rates, hence our offers are time-sensitive and subject to change.