Coins or bars


When purchasing gold, silver and platinum, you can choose between coins and bars. There is a big difference in silver and platinum in particular, because the coins are traded under the margin scheme and are therefore cheaper than bars.

Silver and platinum are in principle seen as raw materials. Silver and platinum bars are therefore taxed with 21% VAT, which makes it unfavorable for private individuals to buy silver or platinum bars. After all, the price has to increase by more than 21% to make up for this and you cannot reclaim the VAT.

The margin scheme means that VAT is only included on the trader's profit margin and not on the entire value, as is the case with the bars. Gold is always exempt from VAT, so there is no difference between gold coins and bars. 

Smaller bars and coins are easier to trade than larger bars and coins. After all, one kilo of gold is less easy to trade than 10 gold bars of 100 grams. If you want to sell the bar in the future, you will have to sell the entire bar. With 10 gold bars of 100 grams, you have the flexibility to sell, for example, only one gold bar in the future.

However, it does not matter whether you buy bars or coins for the marketability of products that you buy at The Silver Mountain. With our buy-back guarantee we guarantee that we always buy back these products for a fair price. You will find more information about this on our purchasing page.

Use as a payment method
The choice depends on which scenarios you foresee. Are you assuming a crisis and are you not ruling out a scenario in which you will make payments with gold and silver? Then coins are usually more suitable than bars. After all, coins are already a means of payment in the country of origin and are therefore very suitable to function as money or a medium of exchange. The gold and silver investment coins that we offer also have a very good international reputation, so that the coins could also function as money abroad.


Precious metal guide

We can imagine that the choice for silver or gold and bars or coins can sometimes be overwhelming. We therefore recommend that you review our Buying Guides in our Knowledge Center. We have explained all information about purchasing precious metals for you here.