Coins of current year or previous years

Once you have decided to opt for silver or gold coins, you may have to make another choice. Do you opt for coins with the current year or from previous years? What's the difference actually? We are of course happy to tell you.

The new coins were minted this year. They are almost always purchased from our suppliers, simply because the coins are new and are therefore not yet widely available on the market. It is rare for someone to buy coins from this year and put them up for sale that same year. Because these coins are new, the price of new coins also includes (a part of) production costs.

We buy back coins from previous years from customers who have previously purchased them from us or elsewhere. These coins are slightly cheaper to buy, so we can also offer them cheaper to you. The production costs are no longer included in the price of these coins, because these have already been (partly) paid once the coins were sold for the first time.

There is no difference between weight, silver or gold content or value. Coins from previous years are therefore often a cheaper option compared to coins from the current year. However, the availavility of coins from previous years is more limited than the availability of new coins. For coins from previous years, it is a matter of waiting until someone offers them to us, after which they become available on our webshop.