Establishment prices

The prices on our website are always based on the most current silver and gold prices. However, you pay more than just the gold or silver value, since you're buying a physical product. It costs money to produce, ship and offer a coin or bar. Costs have also been made to have the product packed under camera surveillance (which is a requirement of insurers) and to have it shipped to you. In addition, a small part of the price is profit for the seller. The profit margin for bullion traders varies – depending on the type of product – between 1 to 5% for gold and 3 to 7% for silver.

The price structure of coins and bars consists of:
- Intrinsic value of the gold or silver (current gold or silver price);
- Production costs (cost of producing a coin or bar);
- Trader Profit Margin (US Profit Margin);
- 21% VAT (on silver bars)


Prices are different from yesterday
It is very likely the prices you have seen yesterday are different today. In fact, our prices are updated every 3 minutes according to the current price, even if the product is already in your shopping cart. Normally the price does not change extremely quickly, but it cannot be ruled out. By continuously updating the prices matched to the current exchange rate, we ensure you always pay a fair price.