Difference investment coins and collectibles


When you want to order coins, one of the first questions will be whether you want to purchase investment coins or collectable coins, or a combination. What is actually the difference?

Investment coins
The Maple Leaf, the Silver Philharmonic and the American Silver Eagle are the coins most commonly seen as investment coins. This is due to their price and the very large volumes sold of them. These coins are highly tradable worldwide. You can also think of it as a global currency, since this coin is recognized and sold almost everywhere in the world.

With investment coins, you pay a relatively small percentage above the spot price. The coins themselves are re-minted every year, but their design hardly changes. The coin is beautiful, but otherwise has few special features, fancy prints or embellishments.

Collectible coins
The coins we sell in addition to those mentioned above tend more toward collectible coins. These coins are (more) limited and are often sold for a higher price. Often, over time, you will see these special coins get more expensive in the market and become more difficult to obtain, which drives up the collector value. If you enjoy collecting coins, you may be interested in purchasing some collectible coins. However, if you want to invest in silver as cheaply as possible, then these coins are less suitable. As a gift, however, collector coins are extremely suitable.

Collector coins often come in limited supply. Because the production costs are spread over fewer coins, this also often results in a higher price above the spot price. The coins are usually minted only once, but can also be part of a series. For example, the Lunar series launches a new one every year, making it possible to build a nice collection.

Collector coins often have beautiful prints, different types of precious metals or special effigies. Also, colors and diamonds can sometimes be part of the coin, as well as special shapes.