Certificates / Certificate of authenticity


Silver and gold coins do not come with certificates of authenticity. The purity and weight of the coin are printed on the coins themselves. Most coins are produced by LBMA accredited producers. This means that the producers have an excellent reputation and are strictly inspected. In addition, the coins also have a face value. This means that the coins are legal tender in the country of origin, and that the weight of the coin and its purity are guaranteed by the relevant authorities. Because the coins do not contain a unique serial number, a certificate cannot be linked to a specific coin. Hence, these coins are sold without a certificate.


Gold bars from 250 grams always come with a certificate of authenticity with a unique serial number. Whether a certificate of authenticity with a unique serial number is included depends on the manufacturer. For example, in the past Umicore only supplied a gold bar with a certificate from 100 grams. Nowadays they also provide a certificate for smaller denominations. 

The bars of Heraeus and the Perth Mint always come in a capsule with a certificate. These bars are therefore slightly more expensive. A certificate with a gold bar is not of added value for the buy-back guarantee from The Silver Mountain.