Scratches or dents

Production and logistics
We retail both new and pre-owned products. Our new items are sourced directly from reputable global suppliers and are always from the current year. Additionally, we offer products from previous years, often at more affordable prices. These pre-owned items are usually acquired from customers who sell their precious metals to us.

Given that silver and gold are soft materials, it is common for gold or silver coins and bars to contain minor imperfections. While new coins may be pure, there is always a possibility of slight scratches or dents occurring during the production and logistics stages of the supplier. This likelihood increases for products that have been previously traded. 


Furthermore, different product categories exhibit varying levels of quality. Our products can be broadly categorized as bullion, collectible bullion, and collectible items. Bullion items are typically mass-produced, while collectibles are more exclusive and undergo a more precise production process, often resulting in a higher price and superior finish.


Value of your product 
Fortunately, any imperfections on your product do not impact its value. Neither the sales value nor our buyback prices are affected by scratches or dents, as the value is primarily determined by the weight of the silver or gold. While minor aesthetic flaws may slightly diminish the coin's visual appeal, its monetary value remains unaffected. Therefore, there is no need for concern in this regard. We trust that this information provides reassurance.